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Award-Winning Wine Collection


BLANC DE LAFAYETTE®A floral light-bodied dry white wine.  This wine leaves a pleasant hint of grapefruit;  similar to SAUVIGNON BLANC.
Price: White – $18.00

FORT NECESSITY® – This diamond-brilliant, buttery, dry CHARDONNAY is ideal to serve with dishes of fish, chicken, apples, and all cheese.
Price: White – $18.00 

NORTON – A nice, lightly oaked, soft, dry red wine made from Norton grapes.
Price: Red – $20.00

JUMONVILLE GLEN RED® – This medium-bodied dry red, soft and round in texture, with a black cherry aroma, goes well with beef, game, and lamb.
Price: Red – $20.00


BUTTERSCOTCH CHARDONNAY® – Semi-dry, barrel-aged Chardonnay with caramel and vanilla notes with a butterscotch finish.
Price: White – $22.00

WASHINGTON TAVERN  WHITE® Semi-dry German style; pairs well with chicken, fish, cheese, and fruit.
Price: White – $14.00

WASHINGTON TAVERN RED® -This fruity, medium-bodied semi-dry red goes especially well with pasta dishes, veal, venison, and dry Italian cheeses; similar to BEAUJOLAIS.
Price: Red – $16.00

NEMACOLIN CASTLE® – The wine which bears this name is semi-dry, brilliant in clarity with a hint of violets in it aroma. Similar to a semi-dry Riesling and Gewurztraminer.
Price: White – $14.00


WHITE SWAN TAVERN® – A semi-sweet white wine, delicate yet rich with complex fruit undertones of the summer’s bounty.  Pair with semi-soft cheeses and fruit.
Price: White – $16.00

FAYETTE SPRINGS WHITE® – A semi-sweet white wine with a hint of tropical fruits.
Price: White – $14.00

CHESTNUT RIDGE SUNSET® – This delicate, semi-sweet crimson blush with a hint of cherry aroma, complements a wide variety of fares; WHITE ZINFANDEL style.
Price: Blush – $14.00

STONE HOUSE RED® – A semi-sweet rose’ with rich fruity aroma and taste; perfect for Spanish and Asian cuisine, cheese platters or just for a relaxing moment; similar to LAMBRUSCO.
Price: Rosé – $16.00

RASPBERRY  FROST® – A dessert style, semi-sweet blush wine with a full raspberry flavor that complements Asian cuisine, mild cheese; delicious chilled or over cracked ice.  GREAT WITH CHOCOLATE!  Try it sprinkled over watermelon!
Price: Blush – $16.00

SPICED APPLE – Semi-sweet, good over crushed ice or simmered in a crockpot with a cinnamon stick. Cinnamon and clove; like APPLE PIE IN A BOTTLE!!
Price: Fruit – $18.00

BLACKBERRY – An all fruit blackberry wine, full of rich flavor.
Price: Fruit – $22,00


SUMMIT MIST® – A bubbly burst of grape with a hint of black cherries, this sparkling sweet wine refreshes the palate.   Add to vanilla ice cream for a great float!  Chill well!
Price: Red – $22.00

LAVENDER MIST® – A sparkling semi-sweet white wine that is infused with our culinary lavender. Chill well!
Price: White – $22.00

TWELVE SPRINGS PEACH® – A sparkling sweet peach dessert wine that is its own celebration or to pair with your favorite dessert. Chill well!
Price: Fruit – $22.00 (Sold out)

Cranberry Crinkle® – A sparkling sweet/tart seasonal dessert wine that is made from 100% Cranberry fruit. Chill well!
Price: Fruit – $22.00

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